Our work with



We apply source sorting at the hostel, and we want you as a guest to do the same. We adapt heat in the rooms based on availability. Is it a little cold, don't you think? Turn up the heat in your room, but think about our environment.


If we have healthy staff, our business is doing well! Our motto for our business is "Lust & Passion". We try to achieve that for our staff as well. It must be a good and sustainable working life.


We get involved in the local community and support local association life.


We buy goods locally, as far as possible. To the extent that we cannot shop locally, we try to make active choices in our purchases and choose suppliers and products based on a sustainability perspective.


Our company in the municipality is collaborating with Sotenäs kommun in a project called Greenbizz. You can read more about the municipality of Sotenäs kommun, Symbioscentrum och Greenbizz. Read more... For our company, the project has meant looking at the possibilities of having a more sustainable business with regard to the environment. The project has helped our company analyze energy consumption, look at opportunities to use solar energy, etc. Please watch the project film, which is about our company and the investment. You can find the film at the bottom of the page.